‘He must increase I must decrease.’ John 3:30

For many of us our ministry is like John the Baptist’s which is to prepare the way for another to take up their rightful place. John the Baptist in his statement in John’s gospel he says ‘he must increase I must decrease’ is not false modesty. He knew that what God called and used him to do was part of God’s special plan. Jesus the Messiah had now come and he was both willing and ready to pass on the baton.

There are many examples of others who stepped back into the background like John to let others step up to their calling. One person was Jesus’ earthly father whose role it was to protect and nurture his precious son who was also God’s son. He was willing to surrender to the plans of God and those plans turned their family’s entire life around. And yet, we hear nothing more about him, he slipped into the pages of history.

Mary found it harder, Jesus reactions to his family at times show us how hard it must have been for His mother to let go. Perhaps Mary and her family thought Jesus could not manage without them and that their role would never change. Times do bring change and we must be open and willing to respond where God leads.

We are blessed in the commitment and dedication of our Parishioners, they work tirelessly in the areas that God has placed them because they love God and His church. I want to commend and encourage them as we go on and work together for God’s glory in this new session with new opportunities and maybe changes too. Along with our present dedicated teams of Parishioners we also want to encourage other people to step up and get involved. There is lots of space for everyone to use their gifts along side others in the Choir, Kid’s Club, Admin, Readers, Pastoral Care and so on.

Can I please encourage you to come and offer your gifts in our church. John the Baptist was willing to obey and prepare the way for Jesus and so too we are also called to do as He asks.

Mary continued to minister and is numbered among the disciples in that significant room on the day of Pentecost but she accepted that she had a new role in God’s Kingdom and stepped up to this. So perhaps God is calling us to greater heights than before.

We are blessed by God when we work together and we are all part of the body of Christ each with different gifts. The question is whether we are using them or not. May God open our hearts to where He leads.

With Love