Baptism and Confirmation

As Christians, we want to mark important milestones in our lives in God’s presence.  God is with us from the cradle to the grave and beyond.  An important part of our parish ministry is journeying with people through all the ups and downs of life, in the context of Christian worship.

Holy Baptism marks the beginning of a Christian journey that lasts a lifetime.  In the Church of Ireland, we welcome infants to be baptised on the understanding that parents and godparents promise to bring them up in the Christian faith.  Baptisms normally take place during an ‘all-age’ Sunday service, on the third Sunday of the month in St Paul’s and the fourth of the month in Christ Church.

Of course, we baptize older children and adults too.  In either case, contact the Rector to make an enquiry. If you’re from another Christian tradition, we fully recognize your baptism and you’re welcome to play a full part in our church life.

Confirmation is another big step in the Christian life.  For those baptized as infants, it is a chance to make the promises made by parents and godparents for ourselves.  It is a big decision, and requires careful preparation.  Each year, before Bishop Andrew comes for the Service of Confirmation, we run a ten-week course.

Confirmation preparation is open to young people in Year 9 and above.  Special arrangements can be made for adult candidates.

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