As I begin to write in this edition of the Parish Bulletin my heart and mind are swimming with all the thoughts and challenges of Holy Week and the hope of Easter Day. Mark and I had a nice week off and family came to visit. I even visited some places that I had meant to, since arrival which is always good. We appreciated too the space to have time out from what was a very packed Easter. Thank you, to Adam for his dedication, support and commitment to me personally and to our family. It is hard to settle, in the middle of what is a very a busy week, to share with you, something of my heart for over the next few months. Let me begin by highlighting the following initiative.

Myself, Adam and 10 parishioners from both churches attended what was a significant and very exciting presentation of the Diocesan strategic review in the Everglades Hotel in Londonderry on the 28th of March. I believe all who attended returned challenged and excited about the buzz in the Diocese and also potential for our own parish and its people. Above are the three main motivations for any healthy parish because as the bishop stressed, we must not accept that the Church is in decline however it definitely needs a breath from God.

I am sure you agree wholeheartedly with the importance of seeking growth, serving in teams and encouraging leaders. This is the bedrock of any healthy church and thank God it is the focus of the diocese too. As yet it is early days in this process as a Diocese and parish but we are embarking on the journey together and value your support and prayers as we explore and work on areas of growth for us here on the beautiful north coast. Watch this space.

At this point too, I want to stress and express my gratitude to our ministry team for their hard work and dedication and to all who made Easter so special especially to Evelyn, Brian and the choirs and those who made our churches so beautiful.

We have a new select vestry too and we value and appreciate your support, prayers and trust. It would be much appreciated if you do not ask the Select Vestry questions about its business. It is strictly confidential.

Thank you to Margaret & Lisa for another edition of the Bulletin. Please take note of the deadline date for the information to be received for publishing. For the next edition no exceptions will be made for articles received after the deadline.

Finally, I want to encourage you to run the race together. We have the opportunity to shrug our shoulders for all the right reasons, that is to shrug off the past and move forward. This means perhaps for some of us, saying sorry to others or indeed having the courage and desire to be free from what the writer of Hebrews describes as the sin that so easily entangles.

With love from me