A few weeks back Mark and I bought an application for the Playstation3. Activ2 is a fitness programme that monitors how many calories you burn, along with your heart rate as you work out. It. has been carefully designed so that cheating is impossible, the body aches but the rewards are tangible. It is definitely not a game, and in fact it is really hard work. Although we are pushed to work out, it is a really interesting and unique way of improving our physical wellbeing. Are you impressed that I have burned over 1000 calories in over a week? Well folks there is a lot of work involved in even burning 50 calories and it is simply too easy to eat all the wrong things and not count the cost.

I am definitely now more aware of what I eat. I am also aware of the effect fitness has on my entire wellbeing. I have more energy, I drink more water and I am getting fitter gradually. I feel more alert and generally healthier and stronger. mould his people. God wants to change us, empower us and use us but he cannot do this unless we are willing to be made fit for purpose by His hand.

Lent is a fantastic time to surrender our hopes, dreams, struggles and questions and to submit to the potter’s new creation. Believe me it won’t be an easy ride but it will be worth it when we feel spiritually healthier.

Next issue of the Bulletin we will be taking in Easter and all of the special services, if you would like to contribute to this edition please email this in good time to Margaret thank you.

God said, “Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?” declares the LORD.

“Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel. (Jeremiah 18: 6)