I can’t imagine the apostle Paul or indeed the people he ministered in the middle of, ever getting tired doing good, can you? Paul includes himself in this mini sermon in Galatians. It is clear from this short passage that doing good, for God, can be really exhausting.

Paul reminds us in his words about fellow Christians and how we are to take care of each other as well as those yet to believe.

At harvest time we are reminded again of what it takes to reap a good harvest. Many of us are removed from the real grind of the journey of food that arrives on our table. By all accounts it really is very hard work, there are major disappointments along the way, long days and sometimes nights and above everything else the waiting. Waiting hoping that all the work will pay off because at the end of the day we as humans are limited.

Doing good, not just feeling like doing good or talking about nice things, but doing good, well it can be quite the calling. Long days and even nights, disappointments, frustrations, misunderstandings and the waiting and praying. But, like those who sow physical seed faithfully without knowing the outcome so we are reminded this harvest to not grow tired doing good because in God’s time the harvest will come. So whatever you are feeling, thinking or experiencing, don’t give up, “keep on, keeping on”. God is in control and He sees the big picture. Thank God for His faithfulness, trust Him to provide all that we need.

Love from Diane, Mark and Benson