Advent is the perfect time of the year, given to us as a gift, to help us prepare for the Christmas Celebrations. It is meant to be one of the most joyful times of the year, but it has become for so many a time of stress and anxiety. We are quite often weighed down with unrealistic and conflicting expectations leading to very mixed experiences – some of loneliness, extreme financial pressure and unresolved hurt.

What has happened to the season of Goodwill to all people? When the season has passed many are actually relieved it is behind them. Something is dreadfully wrong if anyone feels this way. No one should miss this opportunity to feel blessed this Christmas, and perhaps we who genuinely love Christmas can share its joy and magic.

Christmas for me is all about church and family life, from the joy and intimacy of home communions to the light and warmth of our Carol Service. I love Christmas Worship – sharing with my church family this spiritually powerful season, and sharing with my family and friends around lovely food. And cheese!

Please do not let this season pass without seeing the gift that it is. Make space to let God breath His life-giving Spirit into all our choices this Advent and Christmas time. Remember less is more. Advent is a time of preparation, a time to reflect on our own lives – a time to re-focus on our life’s purpose. Take a deep breath to think clearly before we all run headlong into the madness of buying and planning. As God broke into our history though the birth of His precious Son over 2,000 years ago so still He want to break into to reorient our lives toward Him. Are we on course this Advent or are there changes we can all make to experience the wonder of

I look forward to sharing Christmas 2013 with you all and want to wish you a beautiful and meaningful Advent and Christmas season.

With all our love and gratitude,

The Rectory Family