For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God unto salvation. 1Cor. 1:10

So much has been written about the cross. Before the cross of Christ countless people of every generation and culture have stood in wonder, humility and regret. The cross of Christ stands at the heart of the Christian faith showing the deep love of God, His remedy for sin and His conquering of sin and evil.
At this very poignant season in the churches year we are invited once more to the foot of the cross. We come broken and leave made whole – forgiven. Jesus work on the cross bought our freedom but it was costly.

It is a shocking story in the Old Testament and perhaps we squirm when reading it. In it God gives the command to an elderly father, Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. This was some ordeal to go through for an elderly father. But still this account found in Genesis 22 speaks of love, sacrifice, obedience and trust. We don’t know all the words that passed back and forth between this father and son but we know that Isaac asks about where the lamb is to which his father replies, God will provide a lamb. We know the rest of the story. As the centuries have passed, Christians have found deep significance in this passage and that of the cross of Christ.

The cross is a symbol worn for all kinds of reasons sadly to some it remains a joke or just a funky fashion statement. The Cross and its work is as Paul writes to the people in Corinth foolishness to those who are lost. To people who love God and are forgiven it is the most beautiful and horrific thing. Without the Cross of Calvary, without the death and resurrection of God’s precious Son we would be without hope.

May you know the power of the cross this Easter time and with that God’s joy and His peace.

Remember God would always prove worthy of His peoples’ trust and He does not change.

With love