The Church of the Ascension, Fermoyle is situated in a very peaceful place and stands on high ground not far from the Giant’s Sconce, commanding a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. In good weather the historic hill of Slemish can clearly be seen, recalling, as it does, the captivity of St. Patrick.

The Church is a handsome building, and was erected about the year 1843. It was never a separate parish but was what is called a ‘Perpetual Curacy’, under the mother Church of Dunboe. It would appear that this church was to have been part of a village that was going to be built in the area. The Church and the school were constructed but due to the havoc caused at the time by the Great Famine, the village was never built. The school is now a dwelling house and is situated next door to the Church.

Archdeacon Monsell was the Incumbent of Dunboe at the time this Church was built. He died of fever in 1846 at the age of 61 as the result of the famine. He is buried in St. Paul’s graveyard.

There was no rectory for this Church, but the curate resided in a cottage built near the Church by the Clothworkers Company. This building is still there today having been renovated and converted into two dwellings. Monsell resided at the rectory outside Articlave at Dartries where Leslie Morrell now resides.

This Church has served as the House of God to a scattered and isolated people in a lonely and mountainous district. There are no parishioners left who belong to this Church and as a result there are only three services held each year.