Learning to be secure in our homes

This was the topic for the February meeting, when the Branch Leader, Lorna Bradley, welcomed a really good attendance of members and introduced the speaker, Judith Lavery, Crime Prevention officer with the PSNI. Judith (nee Mitchell) was brought up in Castlerock and was no stranger to most of the members so it was good to renew acquaintances.

Judith’s talk was not only informative but also entertaining and was introduced in the form of a quiz. Did you know that a burglary occurs every 32 seconds somewhere in the United Kingdom? Should you keep a spare key hidden somewhere outside your door? The answer is ‘NO.’ Do garden plants deter burglars? The answer is ‘YES.’

Some facts:

Taking a record and marking of your possessions can increase the odds of recovering them if they are stolen. A working burglar alarm will deter most burglars. A high fence or a high hedge that blocks the view of your home from the street and neighbouring homes will not protect against break-ins. Trellis is not effective in your garden as a deterrent against intruders. We all learned a lot from Judith, so everyone keep your doors locked and your windows closed! Judith was suitably thanked and joined the members for supper and the business meeting, which followed.

An Evening at the Magherbuoy

The Magherabuoy House Hotel was the venue for the Mothers’ Union Annual Dinner. Forty-five people attended, with parishioners and friends joining the members on this occasion.

The Branch Leader welcomed the gathering and the Rector said Grace. Following the meal, which was thoroughly enjoyed, there was a little light entertainment. ‘Picture round’ sheets of MU Committee members in their youth were distributed. This caused much discussion and guessing at the various tables, some photos being more readily recognisable than others. Two tables managed to have all the correct answers.

‘The Vicar of Ripley’

We didn’t need Dawn French from television to perform ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ as Diane and Marlyn staged this, Castlerock style. Marlyn was the Vicar and she was interviewing Diane for an assistant’s post. The twist of the plot was that Diane thought she was applying for a job, washing dishes at Crusoe’s, not that of assistant Vicar, so you can understand some of the answers were quite ridiculous. To say the audience was ‘in fits’ would be putting it mildly, as good as any West end Show! This is one for a whole Parish event. It is too good to miss! I’m sure they’ll take bookings! Just phone the Rectory! The evening was rounded up with a sing-a-long, with Marlyn accompanying on guitar. A pleasant time was
enjoyed by everyone.