This is the time of the year when many people give the house/car/garden a good spring clean. All sorts of devices are used to spruce up the place and in my case I have just got a new pressure washer to tidy up the paths etc around the house. I have made a start but I have plenty still to do!

Of course once the paths are done I will only see lots of other jobs needing doing as the weather gets better and the weeds start to grow. And that doesn’t even cover the jobs I cannot see. On the positive side the days are getting longer and I am starting to job share with a colleague, giving me lots of days off work.

Spring cleaning is good, and leaves things nice and clean, but I wonder have you ever attempted a spring clean of yourself? I don’t mean a good deep wash, I mean a good deep inner cleansing.

We are having a series of events with the local churches during Holy Week when we are asking folks to consider a fresh start. An opportunity for us all to have fun, meet new friends, hear what God has to say to us and renew or begin a relationship with our creator. I strongly encourage you to come along and bring your non-Christian friends or family with you. It promises to be a really good week and an opportunity for us all to give ourselves a good shake and get rid of the cobwebs within.

For me, Easter is special – a time when God reveals himself through the death and resurrection of his Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Following him and seeking to do his will is not only the best way to live, it is the only way to ensure we live forever. And surely nothing can be better than that! So this Easter, give your life a good spring clean, make a fresh start and allow God to change you forever. I promise you nothing will ever be the same again.

God bless