By the time you are reading this, I should be in Scotland having deposited Sarah in Glasgow where she is starting a two year degree course in Audio Engineering. A few years ago we were very concerned as Sarah was constantly ill and the doctors did not know what was wrong.
But that is now sorted, and an operation a year ago seems to have cured the problem.

And so Sarah is now starting a new phase in her life and our home will be left with just Marlyn and myself. Peace at last!! (only joking). Time will tell how things work out and where Sarah will end up. And I am glad I do not know as that would spoil the surprise and excitement of future events. So for example, the past few months have given us the worst snow for many years followed by the warmest July on record. Who knows what the next few months – or years – will give us! But this I do know. Any future without Jesus will be desolate, whereas a future with Jesus as Lord and Saviour will ultimately be unbelievably good. And the good news is we can be certain of the future simply by asking God to come into our lives.

So I am excited about the future. It will bring many highs and some inevitable lows, but all will come and go. What should be constant is our commitment to following the commands of Jesus and seeking his kingdom here on earth and then we can leave the future to God and live our lives free from fear and worry. So thank you for all your support and prayers over the past few years. Together we are part of the body of Christ and as a Church we need to continue to support each other and our community, and as we do so, we can be certain that God’s Spirit will guide and direct us.

The future is bright because the future is in God’s hands – if we allow him!

God bless,