At this time of the year the shops are full of skeletons, spiders, ghosts, witches, fairies. pumpkins, turnips and much more as we are encouraged to celebrate Halloween. It is a time when children dress up in spooky costumes and go out to trick or treat their neighbours. We have firework displays and bonfires, and some towns have parades where many wear fancy costumes. And generally most folks see it as harmless fun. And generally it is!

Halloween has become a time of fun, but also scary monsters and ghosts. All Hallows eve, the day before all Saints day, should be a time when we remember the lives of Christians called home to be with God for eternity. It should be a time of celebrating the good news that as followers of Jesus Christ our future is secure. But for many it has become a time of scary monsters. Our children (and ourselves) can easily learn that all spirits are bad. And we can get scared of things we cannot see or understand.

But imagine a Spirit of love and joy. A Spirit of peace and kindness, a Spirit who is gentle, patient and faithful. Imagine a Spirit that only brings good and will never hurt us. Imagine that Spirit living within us guiding and helping us with every decision we make and even when we get it wrong will never leave us. But we don’t have to imagine it. The Spirit of God is available for everyone who simply asks him into their lives, and God’s Spirit will never ever let us down. So put your trust this Halloween on the Spirit of God rather than just hoping things will be OK. You will not be disappointed!

PS – If you want to read more about the fruit of the Spirit of God, read Galatians chapter 5, verses 22 and 23.

Better still, memorise them.

God Bless,