For over a week at the beginning of June, the Sun shone and the temperatures rose. People at work, friends, folks at home and at church were given a lift by an end to the cold weather and the feel of the sun on our backs. I’m sure you felt the same.

I suppose this year it was more obvious because of the terrible weather earlier and the lack of heat all through ‘Spring.’ There is nothing like the sun on our back to improve our overall mood!

But just as the Sun seems to improve our physical and mental wellbeing, imagine the difference to our lives if we had a sun (Son!) permanently shining on us and seeing into every crevice and corner of our lives.

The sun in the sky casts shadows and we can move from the heat into the shadows if the sun gets too much for us. But the Son of God reaches everywhere – there are no shadows and nowhere to hide – and therefore he sees every part of our lives including those parts we would not dare let anyone see. And that can be scary!

But for me, knowing that I cannot hide anything from Jesus and knowing that he knows everything about me, gives me a peace and comfort, because I can be totally honest with him. And the really good news is Jesus loves you and me no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we have been. Jesus wants us to be perfect, but he loves us with all our imperfections – he even died for us. So this summer, on the occasions that the sun shines and you feel the heat on your back, remember the Son of God, and respond to his love in any way you can.

When the sky is cloudy and the day is dull and wet, the sun is still shining above the clouds. In the same way, no matter how tough things may be and Jesus may seem far away, he is always there, waiting to lift us, support us and enable us to show his love to others. All we have to do is let him into our lives and allow him to be in control. Enjoy the summer and the sun – especially the Son of God!

God bless,