As I write this I have just watched the world record for 800m being broken by David Rudisha of Kenya and then witnessed Usain Bolt retain his 200m title. I am watching the Olympics and writing my piece early because I go on holidays soon. The Olympics have been truly amazing.
I have got excited looking at the live BBC text while at work and seeing Britain has won a dressage gold medal or a sailing medal. And of course our three home grown men have done us all proud at the rowing. But it has also been inspiring to watch athletes compete and do their best, knowing that they have no chance of getting a medal. Sometimes it is about the taking part, not just about the winning.

So why do men and woman put themselves through so much pain to win a medal? Of course it is not just about the medal, it is about pushing yourself to be the very best you can be and testing yourself against others. And there is no doubt the winners see it as well worthwhile, even if like Victoria Pendleton it is good to see the end and be able to ease off on all that training. The Olympics have affected everyone’s life, but next month who will remember how many medals Britain won or all their names? They are recorded in the record books for all to see, but most people will not remember.

But there is another record book that is even more important. Anyone whose name appears in this book knows that for all time they will be in paradise with the one who made it all possible, Jesus Christ. And unlike the Olympics it is easy to win your place in this record book. All you have to do is say Yes to Jesus and accept him as Lord and Saviour. Having said yes, the task then is to run the race of life in a manner that shows the love and compassion of Christ to those around us. Because as Christians we are Gods hands, legs and mouth, and he uses us to bring the good news of the cross and the resurrection to others.

Are you running this race? Your everlasting future depends on your answer.

God bless,