Are you someone who believes in Spring Cleaning?

It is not one of my strong points but I need to improve. I seldom throw things out and I let my desk at work and my study at home become cluttered with things that need to be put away safely or got rid of. So maybe I need to change.
Mind you, Sarah seems to take after me, at least when it comes to her room! But more importantly that the outward mess is my inner mess. Easter is a good time to Spring Clean our minds and our hearts but where do I start?

The mind is an incredible invention. God has given us the ability to do many different things, retain millions of pieces of information and do incredible things like walking, talking, inventing, consuming, deciding, overcoming and simply doing. But we need to be sure that what we put into our minds will help us get closer to God rather than drifting away from Him.

My reason for living should be to do the will of my Father in heaven. I am here to glorify Him, to please Him, to be a part of His family here in Christ Church and St Paul’s, to grow more like Him, to serve God and my neighbour and to tell people the good news of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is alive!!! Never Forget this marvellous news – and use it to shape your life.

So as we Spring Clean our homes, may we also spring clean our minds and replace the rubbish with the Words Of God, replace selfish actions with actions which help others, and enjoy fellowship with fellow believers. What we read and watch as well as who we associate with all influence how we behave.

Jesus is alive and He lives in all His believers. This fact should be obvious to those who know us and see how we live our lives. And it will be if Jesus is in control and we are obedient to His Word.

May God bless you and use you this Easter time.

God bless