As I write this wee piece for the bulletin, the news is on and the headlines are all about the riots in England over the past week. Many people are disgusted and disturbed by the riots and what has caused them. All sorts of explanations have been put forward and the Government is under pressure to come up with solutions. So why did they happen?

Sadly I cannot answer that question, but it is clear that the answer lies in the breakdown in society whereby respect for authority has almost disappeared, self confidence is low, civil rights have taken over from civil responsibility and the only person who matters is me! Far too many people see themselves as worthless and without a future. How sad.

The bible makes it clear that each one of us is a unique human being made in the image of God. We are not only made in the image of God, we are loved so much by him that Jesus came from heaven to die on the cross so that you and I can spend eternity with him in paradise.

Once we realise exactly how precious we are to God, our self worth and our whole attitude to life should change completely.

I am special – you are special – we are all unique and extraordinary human beings. So what is the answer to the riots and the sense of hopelessness that surrounds so many people? Surely it has to be recognition that God loves us, God cares for us and he wants us to love him, love each other and be servants to one another.

As Christians, we are a people who should be full of hope, irrespective of what is happening around us in the financial markets, on the streets, at work or without work, with plenty or with little. Because we know that this is God’s world and he ultimately will judge us all and bring to himself all who believe in him.

So never forget that you are special. Hope is everything and our hope is in the one who made this earth. The future is bright – the future is already decided by God. Just trust him!

God bless.