Over the past few weeks we have all been swamped over the past few weeks we have all been swamped with talks of elections, then talks about coalitions and finally we have a new government. No-one is totally satisfied but at least we have a government elected by the people and hopefully working on our behalf for the good of us all.

I am a democrat. I may disagree with election results but I will always accept the result – at least I think so! It is a bit like a football match. We may not like the score at the final whistle but if we don’t accept it then we only make life difficult for ourselves.

But some things are not up for election or for a vote. As Christians we worship the God who made this world and it is his. We have a responsibility to take care of it and to use the resources of the world for our good and the good of all, but it is not ours. We are merely stewards and God is the owner, ruler and ultimate authority.

Some people choose to ignore this fact and lead a life without even considering God. But what a mistake. Life without someone perfect in charge is bound to be more difficult than following God and going where he leads us. We can ignore his rules and do our own thing, but what we cannot do is change God’s rules. We also cannot avoid the consequences!!!

So this summer, how about we accept the election result, we accept all the sports results (including the World Cup) and most importantly we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. With him we always win and eternity in heaven awaits.

Happy holidays