Christmas is over and a new decade has begun. Did you enjoy it?

For me, my memory of Christmas day is a good one. Our three children were home and came to St. Paul’s for our communion service and then we had 9 for dinner.
But the fun really began at around 6 o’clock when the snow came and we had an impromptu snowball fight with some of the neighbours. Nothing beats a good friendly snowball fight!

As for the last decade, it seems like a long time ago when we brought in a new millennium with Marlyn’s mum. In the last ten years I have been ordained and come to Castlerock and Dunboe. Our children are now adults and Marlyn is in full time employment again. Mum has died and like many of you a void has appeared which cannot be fully filled. Many other things haven’t changed much. We still live in the same house, I still work for Roads Service and life carries on.

But one thing has changed and will continue to change. We are all ten years older than a
decade ago!

Nothing can stop time and I for one am glad. Because every day brings something different and a new challenge. Sometimes it is good, like going on holidays or watching Notts Forest win again.

Sometimes we wake up to tragedy like the earthquake in Haiti. The future is uncertain and can be frightening if our hope is on the banks, our possessions, our homes or our jobs.

But if our future is secure, what a difference it makes. For me, I know my future is safe. Some time in the future I will be taken from this world and end up in paradise. What a future! There may be many difficulties and problems over the next while, but time will pass and so will the problems. But nothing can keep me from our God who loves me and has prepared an unbelievable home for me for eternity.

So what does the next ten years hold for you and for me?

God knows – and I will find out as I live through it, with God’s Spirit to guide, direct, encourage and correct me. I can’t wait.

Happy New Year.