As many of you have already realised, time seem to go quicker as we get older. Hence I have suddenly realised my contribution to the Bulletin is overdue already. This has made me think about time, and what it means.

To God of course, time is eternal, and scripture tells us that with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day. To us however, time is precious and once gone cannot be replaced. Many a time I would have liked to wind time back and remove my foot from my mouth, but this is not possible. I am sure you have experienced the same problem!

What I do know however is that the time we spend here on earth is finite and will end. Therefore it is precious and should be used wisely. I am also convinced that the best use we can make of our time is to follow the example of Jesus and use our time to help others, to spread the good news of the Gospel, and to help advance the kingdom of God here on earth.

One advantage of time never stopping but continually moving is that problems of today become past history and future events quickly come to pass. So at this time of year we look forward to the Spring and especially to the Lenten period and Easter.

This Ash Wednesday we have the opportunity of beginning lent by setting aside time to be alone with God. May we make time to give to our creator and our Saviour. Time is precious, and surely therefore we should invest some of it with the one who knows us best and desires only what is best for us. May we invest our time wisely.

God bless