Curate’s Corner: June – July – August 2016

Curate’s Corner: June – July – August 2016

This year as many of you will be aware, has been designated in our Diocese as a year of opportunity. A year when we pay special attention to mission, children and generosity. So what opportunities do you and I have this year?

For me, children have become very important, especially one small boy born just outside Glasgow, as Marlyn and I have become grandparents to wee Jack.

Over the years we will have the opportunity to help shape a new life, along with the parents and many others of course. We are very excited as I am sure any of you who have experienced the birth of grandchildren will understand.

I am also about to retire after almost 44 years as a Civil Servant. Less pay but more time to do other things and be generous with my time! I am looking forward to what God has in store for me and my family as I try and do what he knows is best for me.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes what initially can seem like a problem can become an opportunity. So for example miss a bus and end up talking to someone who you are able to help with a problem. Or getting sick – but see a TV programme that guides you with an issue you have had difficulty resolving. Simple things like helping a neighbour, giving folks a lift to church and so on can make a big difference to our neighbours.

Opportunities to be generous, to help children or to talk about our faith will always crop up, if we are open to recognising them and acting on them. So this summer, look around and seize opportunities as they arise. Use your own special gifts and talents to engage with the world and spread the word. This is God’s world and we are an integral part of it. As we show God’s love, others will be drawn to faith and our community will be enriched. Lives given over to God will also of course be guaranteed to be with our Lord forever. May you feel blessed this summer.